1st July, 2006 - Record Straight hit the charts, new fanpage

Record Straight release - Number 1

After two weeks of its release, Record Straight reached Number 1 on the Hungarian singles sales charts list. This has been the first time in the past few weeks that a Hungarian band or performer reaches number 1. The first copies of the single were sold immediately and there are no more copies in the shops. The record company will make additional copies within a few days.

In the meanwhile the final mastering of the new album in continuing. 13 of the 14 songs are ready, so next week the album should be ready for manufacturing.

New fanpage

The first NEO fanpage from abroad was born a few days ago. The wabsite is being designed and uploaded by a Mozzie, a great fan from Poland. Even though the website is not ready yet, the concents are being uploaded regularly.

1st June, 2006 - Record Straight press release

It has been three years since one of Hungary's most succesful electronic bands released their latest album, the soundtrack for the movie 'Kontroll'. In the meanwhile the band kept on working, performing the songs from the soundtrack album in 8 countries, over 150 live concerts. Their studio, Neoworld also moved to a new place.

Now the break is over as the new Neo album will be released very soon. A new single also will be released before the album. Record Straight will be released on 9th June, 2006.

Here is the tracklist for the single:

1. Record Straight (Original Version)
2. Record Straight (Metropolis Mix)
3. Record Straight (Secta Chameleon Mix)
4. Record Straight (Fine Cut Bodies Mix)
5. Supermodel Planet (Live At Palace Of Art Budapest)
6. Record Straight video

The single will feature an exclusive B-side song, the live version of Supermodel Planet. The track was recorded live a the Palace Of Art Budapest in September 2005.The song will not be included on the album.

Warner Music Hungary

28th May, 2006 - Record Straight - The production begins

Two days ago the mastedisk of Record Straight arrived to the CD factory. The production takes about 2 weeks, so hopefully in the middle of July copies of the single may reach the shops.

14th May, 2006 - Delays

Due to production problems, the release of Record Straight, the new NEO single was slipped to the end of May. Another bad news, that the show in Budapest at A38 was cancelled and will be held in a later date.

6th May, 2006 - English site

As we are getting closer to the release of the new NEO album, after months of work, we are proud to launch the English version of NEOworld Online.

Have fun!

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