Control - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

Date of release:
10th January, 2005 (Poland)
7th Fabruary, 2005 (Germany)
17th March, 2005 (Israel)
23rd May, 2005 (Austria)
Catalogue number: 2564-62138-2
Formats: CD

01. Metro
02. Awakening
03. Manhunt
04. THC
05. Interlude
06. Control
07. A Familiar Face
08. Platform
09. Railrun
10. Wanderson
11. Love Theme
12. It's Over Now
13. Guardian Angel
Bonus tracks:
14. Control (Full Vocal Version)
15. Wanderson (Vocal Version)
16. Nutman

Sleeve notes:

The original motion picture soundtrack was produced, arranged and mixed by Mátyás Milkovics & Márk Moldvai

Mátyás Milkovics / 1, 4, 10, 12, 13, 15, 16
Márk Moldvai / 4, 5, 7, 8, 11
Milkovics & Moldvai / 3, 6, 9, 14
Lyrics, vocal / Enikő Hodosi & Péter Kőváry, Nimród Antal
All tracks recorded at Neoworld

Session musicians / Enikő Hodosi (vocal), Péter Kőváry (vocal, guitar), Zsolt Ábrahám (guitar), Kornél Fekete-Kovács (trumpet, pipes), Péter Papesh (freetles bass), Nimród Antal (vocal), Sándor Csányi (intro), Lajos Kovács (outro).

Official website /
NEO-Office /
Photography / Gyula Pados
Cover design / Giulio /

Extra information / The soundtrack does not include "Everybody Come On" and "Renard". Both tracks are on the previous NEO album "Lo-tech Man, Hi-tech World" (5046-60635-2). Available at Warner Music Hungary.

The band would like to say thanks to: Nimród for the inspiration and RDI sound Studio for the atmospheres recorded on the subway.

(c) 2004 Magneoton (p) 2004 Published by EMI Publishing - -

Additional information:

A little more than a year after its original release, the soundtrack album created by NEO for the movie 'Kontroll' was released in mainland Europe. On the album cover the song titles and the sleeve notes were printed in English. The album featured 4 tracks not included on the original release. 'THC' is an instrumental track which is only available on this relase. 'Nutman' finally was released on a NEO record (earlier it was only available on the special DVD of the movie), while Control (Full Vocal Version) and Wanderson (Vocal Version) was released on the Kontroll / It's Over Now CD single.

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