EKLEKTOGRAM - South Korean release

Date of release: 22nd May, 2000
Label: BANER Music / ADAGIO Music Ltd.
Catalogie number: YWLC-002
Formats: CD

01. Budapest Underground (cinemix)
02. It Takes No Weed
03. The Pinkbeat
04. The Pink Panther Theme
05. RANBO 13
06. In Her Beauteous Garden
07. Persuaders
08. 1999
09. Sly Sheep United
10. The Pink Panther Theme (Radio Edit)
11. The Pink Panther Theme (Steve Lyon Mix)
12. The Pink Panther Theme (New Rockers Remix)

Sleeve notes:

All Tracks Published By EMI Music Publishing Korea
Except Tracks #1.7 Published By SONY/ATV Music Publishing
Licensed From EMI Music Hungary.

Cover Design: Giulio e: guigesco&usa.net. Photos: Róbert Gerse, Edit Garai

Thanks to: Family, Rob Márkus & EMI, Steve Lyon, Tónió, Adam Davidson Tal Porte, Ákos Létray, Zecka, Előd, Gábor Kirschner, Atus Herkó, Péter Polónyi, Róbert Gerse, László Kollár & Bence Kittner, Zoltán Sipeki, Balázy Pál, Zoltán Nagy, Tamás Sellyei, Lajoska, London Store...

Additional information:

Almost a year after its original release, Eklektogram was released in South Korea by BANER MUSIC. Due to historical reasons, the song 'Japan N° 1' was removed from the album, and the order of the songs was mixed up. Three additional versions of 'The Pink Panther Theme' were added as bonus tracks (all three versions were taken from the CD single of the song). The cover of the CD was also modified - the Japanese letters were removed and the song titles were re-edited. (Hence the mistake Rambo 13 instead of Ranbo 13. Another interesting thing that the names of the band members are not included in the CD booklet.

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