Fine Cut Bodies - 130905 (promo)

Date of relese: 13th September, 2005
Label: Chi Records
Catalogue number: ?
Format: CD

01. version 1
02. FCB vs Karanyi: You Delight
03. Carbon Community: Simon Says /Fine Cut Bodies remix/
04. FCB vs EK feat. Spee: Bounce /Fine Cut Bodies remix/
05. Toddler /BLIM remix/
06. NEO - Record Straight /Fine Cut Bodies remix/
07. Runner-Up
08. Tipper: Pringle Guts /FCB vs Amb remix/
09. DJ Naga: Die Rhythmen Ein /SiBegg remix/
10. DST: We Are Robots
11. Bytz: Amufem /Fine Cut Bodies remix/
12. Amb: Flounder /Ferenc Vaspoeri mikro mix/
13. Fine Cut Bodies: Trekk Far /Tigrics 'forstrekke' mix/

Additional information:

Fine Cut Bodies is a remixer named Kevin. He made a remix for NEO's Record Straight. Even though the songs is released in May 2006, it was available on his promotional remix album released earlier.

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