Krisztián Szűcs

Published by:
EMI Music Publishing Hungary

A fast song, with lots of electronics and a little guitar.

Vocal: Krisztián Szűcs


She must be my double, gee, I'm feeling hot
Out of all things ever happened to me it's got
to be it
Out of the blue like a ray of gold she came on
If she's the buyer then I'll be sold
(Ain't no joking: you will fall)
Sacred is my thrill, my film is reeling, God
I don't feel ashamed to call it by it's name: it's love
"Oh, listen! Far be it from me to advise" I'll say
"but I know that you've had enough of those games you play"

(You've come down with heart and soul
So come down, there's only the pain to it
Come down and let it go
So come down and make life worth while, go!)

Never have I felt just half as stupid, no
She looked at me as if she saw a UFO
"Don't be afraid, I'm human if I am a failure"
She said: "ah, yeah?! What a pity as I'm into aliens"


Album version (7:01)
Lo-tech Man, Hi-tech World album

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