Krisztián Szűcs

Published by:
EMI Music Publishing Hungary

The title track of the Lo-tech Man, Hi-tech World album. A very popular song on concerts.

Vocal: Krisztián Szűcs


Problematic unity of biometrics,
probands examined,familial tactics
Examination model, I really love you brother
I hope the birds are returning for summer
This room's gonna be full of gloom soon,
the new broom is doom
Can you feel the swoon ?
Gene mapping, soul tapping This is Mr. Mofo rapping
Crossovers can be seen microscopically as chiasmata,
but because four potential offspring gametes in
are formed at each meiosis in such manner,that chiasma
leads to a crossover on just two of these gametes
I wanna hold you,like the breeze
holds the trees

I'm a lo-tech man in a hi-tech world.

Alcoholism,latent variable;Mixture model,the best testifier
The hazards of life make you perspire
The spring it brings the sweetest things
The change of season makes you wanna sing
but when you think in the kitchen sink
about the things that past presents promised and
never delivered you start to sink and drown and memories wink and
your soul rings
with unbearable things
Distant sounds keep haunting you across the wall of science


Album version (5:03)
Lo-tech Man, Hi-tech World album

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