Date of release: 2003
Label: Mitsoura
Catalogue number: ?
Format: CD

01. Intro
02. Lei Toi
03. Devat Ku
04. Kaman Song
05. Bajba - Bajba
06. Lasi Ratyi
07. Iboly
08. Kado Gyesz
09. Aj Devla
10. Me na Szom

Additional information:

Mitsoura is a special music project, based on the vocals of Mónika Miczura, who is the most talented young gipsy performer in Hungary nowdays. Márk Moldvai joined the project during the recordings of Lo-tech Man, Hi-tech World. The album was recorded during 3 years. We can hear many elements of NEO's music on this CD. However, even Lo-tech Man, Hi-tech World features a sound sample from Mitsoura's album. The violins in Renard are taken from Mitsoura's Aj Devla.

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