KONTROLL / IT'S OVER NOW - promo CD single

Date of release: 7th June, 2002
Catalogue number: 5046-73535-2
Format: CD single

01. Kontroll (Radio Version
02. It's Over Now (Radio Version)
03. Kontroll (Full Vocal Version
04. It's Over Now (Subway Freak Mix)
05. Wanderson
06. Kontroll (Video)
07. It's Over Now (Video)

Sleeve notes:

NEO / Mátyás Milkovics
Márk Moldvai was a member of NEO between 1998-2003
Lyrics / Péter Kőváry and Enikő Hodosi

"Kontroll" written / Mátyás Milkovics and Márk Moldvai
Lyrics /
Nimród Antal, Péter Kőváry and Enikő Hodosi
Guitar / Zsolt Ábrahám
Trumber / Kornél Fekete-Kovács

"It's Over Now" written / Mátyás Milkovics
Lyrics / Péter Kőváry and Enikő Hodosi
Guitar / Zsolt Ábrahám

All tracks recorded at NEOworld
Track 1 // Produced, arranged, mixed by Milkovics & Moldvai
Radio Version edited by Milkovics
Track 2 // Produced, arranged, mixed and edited by Milkovics
Track 3 // Additional production by NEO, additional vocals by Kőváry & Hodosi
Track 4 // Remix and additional productiion by NEO
Track 5 // Produced, arranged, mixed and edited by Milkovics
Song based on the inspiring track: "Barangolás" by th
Track 6 // Video created by Nimród Antal from the movie "Kontroll"
Edited by Csaba Somogyi
Track 7 // Video created by Cabbageshot, directed abd edited by Atus Herkó
Filmed and recorded at Petofi Hall, Budapest on 20th February, 2004. Produced by NEO

Management / Lajos Borbely / Little House Company Ltd.
Contact at / (+36) 20-9752-098
Official website / www-neo.hu
NEO office / neoworld@neo.hu

Photography / Gyula Pados
Cover design / Giulio / giugesco@freemail.hu, multimedia / Xorg

Extra information / The original versions of "Kontroll" and "It's Over Now" both appear on the NEO EP "Kontroll"
(5046-713522-2), available at Warner Music.

Additional information:

The promotional version of the Kontroll / It's Over Now double A-side CD single included a special sticker with information about the latest award received by NEO for the soundtrack created for the movie 'Kontroll'. It also included the tour dates of the 2004 Summer Tour.

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