Megjelenés ideje: 2002. december 19.
Katalógusszám: 5046 60635 2
Formátum: CD, MC

01. Pointless Lowlands
02. Explode Your World
03. Clear And Clean
04. C'Mon It's Time
05. Lo-Tech Man, Hi-Tech World
06. 2&3
07. A Freeze Frame Of Mind
08. Diskhead
09. Come Down
10. Renard
11. Everybody Come On
12. Rise


"Dedicated to my mother..." Márk

NEO are Márk Moldvai,Mátyás Milkovics, Krisztián Szűcs
Music by NEO, lyrics by Krisztián Szűcs
All tracks produced, programmed, and mixed by Márk Moldvai & Mátyás Milkovics at NEOWORLD, Budapest
Lead vocals, backing vocals and guitars by Krisztián Szűcs. Additional mix and mastered by Tamás Sellyei

Godulka theme on track 10 sampled from Miczura, composed by András Monori. Extracts from "octett" & "The Rite Of Spring" by Igor Stravinsky, performed by Temporary Chamber Orchestra on track 10.

Additional musicians: András Monori: fujara on track 1 & gadulka on track 10, Tamás Barabás: bass on track 2 & 4, András Jeli: bass on track 3, 10 & 12, Ciba: additional guitars on track 2 & solo on track 12, Péter Újvári: additional vocals on track 8, Norbert Babos: pannonpipe on track 12, Gyb: additional drums on track 12, Bori Kesei: additional voice on track 10, Temporary Chamber Orchestra on track 3 & 10

Great many thanks to our parents and families for their help and trust. We'd like to express our gratefulness to our friends who have been on "our side" for the past few years.

Thanks to: the musiciams for their kind help, Kriszta Kiss, Dadan, Atus, Noresz, Robbert, Mátyás Milkovics Sr., András Bartha, Cabbage team (László & Zoltán Ócsai, László Kun, Csaba Somogyi), Giulio, SaZsu, Latyi, Ádám Davidovcs & Tamás Sellyei at Hitspace, HS7, Róbert Gerse, Ákos Léray, Márk Miklósi, Gábor (Anorganik) Deutsch, Warez!, Robi & Zecka (Kirk Audio), Zoltán Somody, Csaba Kolonics, Lajos Borbély, Titusz, Tha Cas!o Samples, Laki & Cinetrip, Csepp TV, PUMA, the whole Warner team (particularly Laci, Pisti & Mártika), Gyp & Ági (EMI Publishing), Zoe Leigh & Jakob Rosenbak at MTV Europe.

(c) 2002 Magneoton an AOL-Time Warner Company, (p) 2002 Published by EMI Music Publishing Hungary.

neoworld@neo.hu / www.neo.hu / www.warnermusic.hu

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