Kőváry Péter / Milkovics Mátyás / Hodosi Enikő
Hodosi Enikő


A Neotól szokatlan lírai dal, Hodosi Enikő előadásában.


Before all things fail, there are words I must
Say even if nobody hears. I’m moving today
, Moving away, by your side nobody stays

had no idea about the way of certain things
for long
i was but sure that the rivers flow along
but when the dams burst where could
we stand
when our wings burn how can we land

don’t llet me move into this house
i built on sand
I’d wake up tp break down again each and
Every day
When finally I’d be strong enough to stand
God, don’t tell me it’s all in vain
When finally I’d be strong enough to stand
No, don’t let me it’ll stay the same

What’s left is what never leaves this crazy
Old me.
Sore eyes but a strong heart, it’s no more
A must flee
Have no venture, I wade across the stream
Now I beleive you were a comfortable dream
In the nightmare of being awake
I will step on the head of the snake


Album Version (5.17)
Maps For A Voyage album

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