Megjelenés ideje: 1999. május 17.
Katalógusszám: 7 24388 68632 7
Formátum: MCD

01. Persuaders (Radio Edit)
02. Persuaderz (D6 Mix)
03. Budapest Underground (Cinemix)


NEO are Matt Milkovics and Mark Moldvai.
Track 1: Original author John Barry. Produced and programmed by NEO at NEOWORLD. Orchestra composed and arranged by Ákos Létray. Orchestra conducted by László Zádori. Orchestra recorded at Hungarian Radio Studio 6. Recording engineer: István Szita.
Mixed by Tibor Rostás and NEO at AQUARIUM Studios.

Track 2, 3: Written, produced and mixed by NEO at NEOWORLD.
Published by EMI Music Publishing Hungary. All guitars by Zoltán Sipeki. Voice on track 3: Norbert Babos. Trumpet on track 3 by Kornél Kovács Fekete. Scratch: DJ Quick (appeares courtesy of Record Express).

Illustrations: Attila Fazekas. Cover design: Giulio.

(p) + (c) 1999 EMI-QUINT KFT.

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