Chi Glassic Vol.2. - Crash & Carry

Date of release: December 2001
Catalogue number: CHICD003
Format: CD

01. Cord: Presence
02. NEO - Diskhead (Anorganik rework)
03. Amb: Where R Ya /Chris Carter's malfunction mix/
04. Muddyloop: The Boomspot /Fine Cut Bodies remix/
05. DJ Naga: Fraid /brain mix/
06. Ferocious Mullet: Cellophane Satisfaction
07. Amb: Romeo
08. DJ Naga: Nobogadjamin Hotep /Fine Cut Bodies remix/
09. Amb feat. Kiss Erzsi: Moxa /Raster's rewire/
10. Loes Lee & Meneater: Territory /Fine Cut Bodies vs Amb remix/
11. Modul feat. Busha: Boomstickie
12. Audiotoolz: Soap & Chaos
13. Frizbi: Big Fat Rats

Additional information:

Chi Recordings is a Hungarian independent record company. This compilation album contained a selection of tracks remixed by its artists.

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