Szűcs Krisztián

Published by:
EMI Music Publishing Hungary

One of the biggest hits of NEO. It was released as the first single for the Lo-tech Man, Hi-tech World album in the summer of 2002. A special video was created for the song which was premiered on MTV's World Chart Express.

Vocal: Krisztián Szűcs


You ain't no misfit
You don't wear no lipstick
Still you're gonna risk it as whiskeys sink at the stereo bar

Now you get the wizzdom
Just melt into the system
You've nothing to lose but your chains and
blues but don't take it too far

Alright, drop one biscuit to the diskhead
You never knew this could be alright
Drop one biscuit to the diskhead,
that's where it's at, go risk it!

You still may be a misfit (looking groovy)
Almost drowned by lipstick (like in movies)
Your moves are fantastic, yeah, you've been
Tested you're the video tzar

Maybe you're a godhead
And everybody knows it
But when you fall on the floor with a brain sore
you might not feel holy, anymore

Don't stop when the music is done


Demo (3:14)
Warner Music Info 009 promo compilation
Album version (3:16)
Lo-tech Man, Hi-tech World album
Radio Edit (3:16)
Diskhead CD single
Lasebarons' Timetunnel Mix (6:30)
Diskhead CD single
Ultimate Error (3:27)
Diskhead CD single
Diskhead (Anorganik Rework) (6:15)
Diskhead CD single

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