DISKHEAD - CD single

Date of release: 10th June, 2002
Catalogue number: 0927-46569-2
Format: CD single

01. Diskhead (Radio Edit)
02. Diskhead (Lasebarons' Timetunnel Mix)
03. Diskhead (Ultimate Error)
04. Diskhead (Anorganik Rework)


NEO are Márk Moldvai and Mátyás Milkovics.
Vocal and guitar by Krisztián Szűcs

Track 1:
Written by NEO and Krisztián Szűcs
Produced, arranged and mixed by NEO at NEOworld
Additional vocals by Péter Újvári.

Track 2:
Remix and additinal production by NEO.

Track 3:
Remix and additinal production by NEO and Krisztián Szűcs.
Additional guitars by Ciba and Zoltán Sipeki.

Track 4:
Remix and additinal production by Gábor "Anorganik" Deutsch.

Cover design: Giulio / giugesco@freemail.hu

(c) 2002 Magneoton an AOL Time Warner Company
Published by EMI Music Publishing Hungary

neoworld@neo.hu / www.neo.hu

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