DISKHEAD - promo CD single

Date of release: 2002. június 10.
Catalogue number: 0927-46569-2
Format: CD single

01. Diskhead (Radio Edit)
02. Diskhead (Lasebarons' Timetunnel Mix)
03. Diskhead (Ultimate Error)
04. Diskhead (Anorganik Rework)

Sleeve notes:

NEO are Márk Moldvai and Mátyás Milkovics.
Vocal and guitar by Krisztián Szűcs

Track 1:
Written by NEO and Krisztián Szűcs
Produced, arranged and mixed by NEO at NEOworld
Additional vocals by Péter Újvári.

Track 2:
Remix and additinal production by NEO.

Track 3:
Remix and additinal production by NEO and Krisztián Szűcs.
Additional guitars by Ciba and Zoltán Sipeki.

Track 4:
Remix and additinal production by Gábor "Anorganik" Deutsch.

Cover design: Giulio / giugesco@freemail.hu

(c) 2002 Magneoton an AOL Time Warner Company
Published by EMI Music Publishing Hungary

neoworld@neo.hu / www.neo.hu

Additional information:

This special package was made by the record company to promote the 'Diskhead' single abroad. It was a special slipcase which contained the commercially available CD single. The slipcase contained the first-ever official NEO biography - written in English.

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